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We protect and serve our modern day influencers and connect them with top brands, products, and business opportunities through our entertainment, media, and business network.


We aim to be the world’s top agency and market place for influencers of any kind who are immersed in the world of online. By embracing the entire spectrum of the entertainment industry and all of it’s various disciplines, The Influential Group will build out and represent a community of athletes, artists, writers, filmmakers, models, etc. who have a strong social media or online influence.

We will represent and protect all members’ of our community’s best interests through legal representation, contract negotiation, booking gigs, and constantly strategizing and helping our clients find additional revenue streams and business opportunities. We will help to derive the most financial value possible in the most strategic and responsible way, leveraging each of our clients’ “influential” status, while keeping their reputation honorable and constantly looking to grow their brand.


Our team consists of a group of young, hungry "connectors" that together are re-creating the "old school agency model" into what it needs to be; by shifting and adapting to fit all business needs for today's social media influencers.

Our Amazing team of Advisors range from Top Entertainment Attorneys, to Major Ticketing Executives, to Basketball Agency Executives, and all the way to Talent Agents working at Top Music Agencies. They are always willing and eager to help!


•Brand Integration
•Brand Strategy & Equity
•Marketing and Branding at festivals, hosting events, promoting products through our influencer and brand partners


•Leveraging Personal Connections for Introductions and Deal Flow
•Sourcing Deals for both Influencers and Brands/Startups that have raised funding and are ready to take the next step


Join the Community that is
The Influential Group